Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Once again the Beast from the East disrupted all our lives - in my case, meaning a postponement of an overdue visit to see my mum, which was a shame but just as well I didn't go, as Devon was far worse hit than Cornwall, and I wouldn't have wanted to be stuck in my van in the snow.

Sunday morning dawned sunny and calm - the thermometer in my yard registered ten degrees, and I thought no snow would be possible. But at 2pm the first flakes fell and soon after that all was whited out, though a friend and I walked through town with Moll, along the seafront and then sat in the Falmouth Hotel watching the huge, fat flakes coat everything in white.

While it's lovely to look at, I find it makes everything seem unnervingly unreal. A few weeks ago it was fun, my birthday, and it makes a difference if a) you don't have to go anywhere and b) you have someone to share the snow with. This time, I ended up feeling really disconnected, not helped by reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. This book is a brilliant but agonising study in loneliness. The heroine is a 30 year old woman who has never known love, compassion or even friendship but has not a trace of self pity about her. The book is her journey to discovering that she is worth loving, and how her unlikely saviour shows her how to make friends. But the journey is tough and I felt increasingly vulnerable as I read it.

Admittedly I'd had some bad news - a friend died last week and another friend suffered several strokes and is in hospital, so I was perhaps more aware than usual of the fragility of life - but this book really touched so many nerves and made me realise how quickly people can unravel.

Thankfully the snow has now all gone and life is back to normal. Tuesday dawned bright and sunny and I was able to go down to Lelant to do the next walk for the Rosamunde Pilcher book. Hayle and St Ives Bay looked at their very best, and I felt very blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

But underneath my appreciation of where i live is a definite wobble - a real current of unease and self doubt. No matter how strong we might feel, we are all vulnerable, and it pays perhaps to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. It doesn't take much for any of us to unravel, to be one of the less fortunate. So let's all help each other however we can. It doesn't have to be much - an email, a phone call, a text. A hug or a song. Little things are often the ones that make the difference.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Man Engine

Last night was the first rehearsal for the Man Engine Choir - see the website for tour details.
And if my link doesn't work, just type in Man Engine 2018!

We all met at Heartlands, in Pool near Redruth and having registered, about 100 of us packed into the Main Hall where Hilary Coleman started teaching us the songs we will be singing. And what a joyous rehearsal it was! A big room full of singers, all singing their hearts out with Cornish pride.

In a week where two friends of mine are very poorly, it was great to have such a gathering of like minded people and learn new songs. As I do every Thursday, with the Suitcase Singers. And tonight I will be singing at the Folk Evening at Penryn, singing with my small group, The Semi Quavers.

So here's to singing to banish the winter blues. Or any blues, come to think of it....

Friday, 9 March 2018

Belated birthday

I'm sure you're all sick of snow pictures, but I couldn't resist this one...

My birthday plans were completely changed because of the snow, but in fact I had a wonderful time. Had breakfast in Falmouth and walked through town in a blizzard, taking pictures before going for a drink at Custom House Quay. I took Moll for a walk later and it was lovely walking along snowy roads and watching kids tobogganing.. Then later that night three of us met for a drink in the pub round the corner - a small, select party but one that I enjoyed very much, nonetheless...

And then of course, we had the most incredible storm and half my garage roof blew off which was alarming. So were the winds - I could hardly stand up at one point. Anyway, thankfully my garage roof is now fixed, thanks to a very good mate, and the weather is back to being warm and wet again. And I had two belated celebrations this week instead...

Some time ago I was interviewed (for a change) for a feature on loving where we live - 8 of use took part - and the result is in Woman and Home April issue which is in the shops now. Hopefully in time to give my book a plug, as WALKS IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF DAPHNE DU MAURIER is due out this Easter - or maybe just after.

Looks the rain has stopped for a minute so I'm going to dash out with Moll while the going's good....

Wednesday, 28 February 2018


As I write, Falmouth is in the midst of a complete white out - the snow started an hour ago - and it seems amazing to think that I took this picture from my window in the B&B on Sunday morning.

So my birthday this year will be memorable for the weather, for we rarely get snow in Cornwall. I'd planned a party tonight in Penryn, but that is now postponed till next Wednesday when the forecast looks to be milder and wetter (like the rest of the winter!) so we might go to the pub tonight, if we can get there......

However, I have been inundated with cards, phone calls and texts and we're about to head out in this weather for a birthday breakfast in Falmouth. Wearing snow boots, hat, scarf and lots of layers!

As this weather is so unusual here I feel just like a child, awaiting Christmas snow! Here we are -

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Well, we all know what rubbish weather we've had recently, but at least here's a rainbow!

Life has been busy as ever, waiting for the proofs of my new book to arrive - Walks in the Footsteps of Daphne du Maurier is to be published at Easter, a court case and interviews to be done, as well as walks for the new book.

I've also been asked to do some reviews of restaurants in Cornwall over the next few months, and this weekend I am actually going away for the weekend - hooray! I've been watching the forecast anxiously, as part of the plan is to do another walk for the new book and while it seems cold, at least it should be dry.... nothing like trying to get a wet and muddy dog dry in a B&B!

My dear friend Av had to have a hip operation last week but she's doing really well and we're planning a long overdue girls weekend in May.

Also, next week I have a Significant birthday next week, and I am wondering how the hell so many years have passed - and so quickly. I'm having a small(isn) gathering of close friends, all bringing food to share and of course, some singing. The only possible fly in the ointment is that Really Cold Weather is forecast, so if it snows we won't be able to get to the venue. But at least we can get to the pub down the road....

So here's to any other Pisceans out there - happy birthday soon!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

New website

This was taken last week, doing a walk for the new book - this was round the Great Flat Lode, in the heart of the mining area around Camborne/Redruth. This was Wheal Grenville, the Fortescue Shaft. And for the first time in weeks we had a whole afternoon with no sunshine - what a treat!

But the main purpose of this post was that my dear friend Andy has finished my new website so here it is:-
If that link doesn't work try this - Sue Kittow
And if all fails, please type in Sue Kittow Author and it's sue

Any comments would be much appreciated!

The Man Engine Tour 2018 begins at Easter and I am so excited as I'm going to be part of the Man Engine Choir. To read all about the biggest mechanical puppet in the world, read here - or if that fails, put in Man Engine! I was so sorry to miss it two years ago but will sing my Cornish heart out proudly and thoroughly enjoy it!

And now - note the hidden teddy, found in a hedge on Bodmin Moor on Sunday!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Organ donation - my piece in the Daily Mail

This is the link to a piece I wrote about organ donation. You may not agree with it, but please read it if - it could save someone's life.
Thank you.
Try this one if the other one doesn't work!